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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Sep 18, 2016)
I'm back on the game, anyone else coming back too?
(Jul 23, 2016)
Anyone still alive here?
(Aug 12, 2015)
Finally have (some) internet. Won't be able to do anything with my Xbone for a while. Looking for Dmytro....
(Jun 28, 2015)
I've also added the guild to the Tamriel Foundry database. Feel free to request an invite, so we can show Tamriel that Orsinium is alive and kicking!
(Jun 13, 2015)
New guild Teamspeak 3 server:
(Apr 13, 2015)
hey guys its been a long while since I've been on, now with the announcement for console release I'm getting ready to get the guild set up on ps4
(Oct 08, 2014)
its been a long time my Orc brothers, how goes the fight?!
(Jun 27, 2014)
What kind of contoller? Windows controller? Woirks already. Xbox360 works with additional software
(Jun 24, 2014)
any one know if their going to make the pc version to be able to play on controller?
(Jun 06, 2014)
I was planning on playing this entire weekend... But I'm going to London! :D
(May 29, 2014)
did the servers just go down
(May 28, 2014)
Mweh, purple isn't my style hehe
(May 26, 2014)
haha I like the updated armors
(May 25, 2014)
What the hell have they done to my armor...?
(May 22, 2014)
Epic loooong download!
(May 10, 2014)
Added ya :)
(May 10, 2014)
Hey! Can someone please add me to the guild in-game. :) My name is Usha gra-Sharmug
(May 05, 2014)
I got the Dwemerspider pet! :D
(May 01, 2014)
Haha nice
(May 01, 2014)
hmm interesting, apparently you can claim keeps outside of the home campaign... just claimed one in the AB for testing purposes.