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How to join the Orcs of Orsinium, and become our Blood-Kin

This is the easy part. There is only one step:
  • Fillout an application here on the site. We ask that hopefuls answer the questions as thoroughly and truthfully as possible. We don't look for specific answers, and this is not a test. Overseers reviewing applications will look for info that helps us get to know you, and will likely reject exceedingly spare applications.
Note: Be sure to check back after submitting an application. Our Overseers are fairly active on the forums, and may want to ask a follow-up question, before they're comfortable approving applicants. If you keep us waiting for more than a day, there is a high likelihood of a rejection result.

Trial of the Unproven
Once an application is accepted, a one week trial period begins for the Unproven. At the end of one week, our Overseers will evaluate the unproven recruit's performance within the guild, and decide whether or not the Unproven is worthy to become Blood-Kin.

There are several things Unproven can do to increase their chances of being accepted as Blood-Kin:
  • Upload an avatar to your profile. This is not optional. Unproven that fail to do this in the allotted time will be removed from our ranks.
  • Post on our forums. It cannot be overstated how important it is that unproven recruits do this. Our forums are where members truly get to know each other, and share information about the game, and guild happenings. Unproven that fail to post at least once have a high likelihood of being sent away at the end of one week.
  • Try to find members around your level range that might be available to group. We are a pretty friendly bunch. This should not be too hard to do. Overseers who have not had the opportunity to spend time with recruits may seek the opinions of Blood-Kin who have, and it won't hurt your chances to join our family if you're already making friends.
  • Talk to members in guildchat. If finding a group is not a possibility, making conversation with members on our guild channel is a good way to make an impression.
  • Talk to us on Vent. If you see members on voice chat, stop in and say hello. Assuming we're not mired down in Cyrodiil, members are eager to meet newcomers and chat it up.
  • Demonstrate an eagerness to take part in our Cyrodiil campains, and a capacity to follow orders(not a requirement for those uninterested in PvP).

Note: Recruits that join us in-game are also among the Unproven, but their trial to become Blood-Kin(full members) does not begin until the time that they officially submit their application. There are no exceptions to this rule. If an Unproven fails to visit our forums and submit an application within a week of joining in-game, they may be removed from the guild by Overseer discretion at any time.

This policy will take effect on 03/30/14.