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About Us
Outsider, you ask about the Orcs of Orsinium? Let it be known.
Orcs of Orsinium is an all Orsimer guild of the Daggerfall Covenant. We are a PvP focused moderate RP guild. Our goal is to become a top of the line competitor in Cyrodiil, representing Orcs of the Daggerfall Covenant. That said, we intend to be an all encompassing guild and are accepting of our Orcish brethren from all persuasions, whether heavy roleplayers, PvP fanatics, or casual players.

Our reverence to the Code of Malacath
  • Never steal for it is beneath the Code, or you may pay the blood price
  • Never insult your fellow Blood-Kin, or you may pay the blood price
  • Always obey your superiors, or you may pay the blood price
  • Never kill without purpose for it is beneath the Code, or you may pay the blood price
  • Always fight for what you want for if it is not worth fighting for then it is not worth having


Overseers currently function as Guild Officers, co-Leaders, and Admin.
Blood-Kin are Orsimer found worthy to join our cause.
Unproven are new arrivals that have yet to be determined worthy.

More ranks will be introduced at a later date as we come closer to release and need arises. For detailed information about joining the Orcs of Orsinium, please visit our Recruitment page.

The Orcs of Orsinium is currently aiming for the PC - North American server. This shall remain so throughout beta. As we further approach release we will consider if it makes sense to form divisions on the EU server, PS4, or Xbox One.

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