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#11322016 Jul 24, 2015 at 04:29 AM
Chieftain Moggnak
Hail Orcs of Orsinium!

I am the Chieftain of the Helmsmasher clan, a clan of Orsimer on the XBOX One megaserver fighting under the banner of the Daggerfall Covenant. I, with the support of the War Chiefs under me, seek to form allegiances with the other Orc clans across Tamriel and would like to discuss the possibility of such an allegiance with you. Together, our Horde would shake our enemies to their core and the strength of our War Bands would cut down any who are foolish enough to oppose us.
I am most easily reached by contacting my gamertag: lxThe Despairxl

I hope to hear from one of your representatives soon.

Chieftain Moggnak
Helmsmasher Clan
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