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[Pinned] Rallying Call
Outsider's Camp

[Pinned] Rallying Call

Hail Orc brethren and outsiders alike! We are now in development stages of the guild Orcs of Orsimer. Welcome.
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Hail from the Helmsmasher Clan

Hail Orcs of Orsinium!I am the Chieftain of the Helmsmasher clan, a clan of Orsimer on the XBOX One megaserver fighting under the banner of the Daggerfall Covenant. I, with the support of the War Chiefs under me, seek to form allegiances with the ...
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Hail from Mor'Grumaar

Hail from the Chieftain of Mor'Grumaar.I would like to inquire as to how you guys are doing with getting ready for launch? I know my officer Alether has been hard at work trying to rally all the Orsimer guilds together as allies the past couple mo...
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Helpful Things When You Play

I would suggest continuing this thread to the topic I created a while ago: Click here. I'll copy this thread to overthere so this one can be closed. ;)
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Needed Classes

Greetings Orc brethren,I'm considering creating a new Orc to join your ranks. I've noticed that there seems to be a lot of dragon-knights in our guild and I want to know what class would best serve the guild. There doesn't look to be many sorcer...
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Greetings my orcish friends. I wanted to check in and see how the battle fares in Cyrodiil. As an officer in the Ashen Hand, I for personal reasons (being an orc myself) wish you luck, and perhaps our blades will fight alongside each other.(What c...
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Orc Lore

Gotta love Shoddycast lore series! I recommend all ESO Orc-lovers watch their Orc chapter in full. Good stuff.
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my application

I could not figure out how to message leaders but I may have entered the wrong email address of my application so if any leadership see's this could provide me with a way to tell you my email in a message or email.
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Strength Is Made Perfect In Weakness

Strength Is Made Perfect In Weakness by RialA recent article profiling Orsimer from Tamriel Foundry. Great read.
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